Complete customization is our strength. Every single aspect of our product is chosen and agreed upon with our Clients, from the diameter of the tubes, that can range from 70 mm to 600 mm, to the thickness that can reach 30 mm and above, and finally to the length, straightness, weight, humidity, resistance in regards to compression, torsion and rotation speed, as well as the damage of the heads; this last section of the tubes in particular needs to be handled with care, especially when they are used in the Tissue paper sector.

    These are the particular features and strengths that have over time enabled us to become a supplier of the same paper machine manufacturers, who test their own machinery with our cardboard tubes.

    Our clients don’t need to do anything other than tell us which features the tubes should have and then we take care of creating the right product for their specific technical requests. In next to no time a trial supply will be delivered, so that the client can verify right away whether it corresponds with their needs.

    At Tubicom we have gone beyond the concept of price-listing, we prefer to offer our best advice, jointly developing the most advantageous investment proposal with the client and in full respect of their customization request.

    Tubicom provides a high-quality product to optimize the business costs of our clients.

    Our production is a flexible one, one that invests resources and energy into customer assistance. Because of this, throughout the years, we have become a reliable partner of the most important industries of the sector.