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    In 2010, Tubicom collaborated with Lucense in developing INNOPAPER, a feasibility study funded by the Region of Tuscany, aimed at creating a Technology Hub for the development and transfer of innovation of the Capannori Paper District (DiCa).

    The Technology Hub DiCa was successfully launched two years later, in 2012. The Center brings together a group of independent companies ranging from innovative start-ups and small enterprises to medium and large companies and research organizations that are active in the paper industry and located in the Region of Tuscany. They all share the common goal of stimulating innovation by promoting exhaustive interaction, the shared use of facilities and the exchange of knowledge and experience.

    INNOPAPER focuses on issues that interest to DiCa, such as the environment, energy, quality, safety, social responsibility, design, logistics and maintenance and production through the development of a series of projects and skills and through a collaborative network of technical and scientific partners, which over time has grown stronger and wider.